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Christmas 2021

Whilst Christmas time and the summer holidays is usually a time of celebration and time to spend with loved ones, unfortunately for some people it can be a time of sadness, reflection and dispute. For those people in an unhappy marriage or de facto relationship who are contemplating separation, or for those people who are separated and are unable to spend the time they wish with their children on Christmas Day and over the summer holiday period, Christmas can be a very trying time.

In my experience having dealt with thousands of Family Law clients, it is best to attempt to take a cooperative and conciliatory approach during this time, particularly when children are involved. For children, Christmas should of course be a warm, festive and memorable time and not be marred by being involved in, or aware or arguments between their parents. It is the quality of the time children spend with each parent that is sometimes overlooked, as opposed to the length of time they spend with each parent.

1 January 2022 marks the beginning of a new year. It may be the year you wish to make changes in your relationship. It may be the time that you decide what occurred this Christmas is not what you want to occur next year. If that is the case, our team of Family Law specialists on the Northern Beaches (also with offices in the Sydney CBD) can assist you in achieving your goal. Our family lawyers are experts in Family Law and can offer you advice and assistance in the following areas:

  1. Property and financial settlements
    2. Parenting arrangements
    3. Issuing involving child support
    4. Issuing involving spouse maintenance
    5. De facto relationships
    6. Mediation
    7. Collaborative Law
    8. Court representation if necessary

We offer a range of alternative pathways that parties may wish to take in order to resolve their Family Law matter. We offer a no obligation, discounted initial consultation and are available to meet new clients from 10 January 2016.

If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting us on 9984 7411 or by email deborah@doolancallaghan.com.au

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