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Family Court Delays – What Are the Alternatives?


For those seeking to have their family law matter dealt with by the Family Court at Sydney or the Federal Circuit Court at Sydney, there are currently huge delays. There is simply an insufficient number of Judges to hear and properly deal with all of the matters in a timely manner. Therefore, wherever possible, alternatives to litigation need to be sought in order to offer couples a quicker, less expensive and less stressful resolution to their family law matter.

So what are the alternatives? There are many. In nearly all cases, court should be the last resort. Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers are Northern Beaches family law experts (also with offices in Sydney’s CBD) with a team of Accredited Specialists in Family Law who are highly experienced in representing their clients in court, but who also promote a range of other pathways for clients to help them resolve their family law matters.

Doolan Callaghan have both Family Dispute Resolution and Nationally Accredited Mediation professionals available to assist divorcing couples or separating de facto couples to reach agreement in relation to property, parenting, child support and spousal maintenance issues. We also have Collaboratively trained practitioners for those who wish to explore an alternative way to find a solution to their family law matter. Negotiation via exchange of correspondence and round table conferences can also be highly effective in reaching agreement.

Different options suit different individuals. Every family law case is unique. It is important to explore the different options with your family lawyer and chose a path that is best for your situation. Certainly, given the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court delays that currently exist in the Sydney and also the Parramatta Registry, out of court alternatives need to be carefully considered in nearly all cases.

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