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Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers has a strong reputation for pursuing out of Court settlements and utilising alternate dispute resolution.

We have the expertise to identify the commercial, legal and other imperatives that are at play in your family law dispute so as to assess the appropriateness of mediation and other forms of non-Court interventions.

Our Family Lawyers recognise the importance of achieving sustainable outcomes. We strive to respect and preserve the integrity of family relationships during the early stages of separation and continuing as we appreciate that most family relationships continue, albeit in a different way after settlement is reached. Parents do not stop being parents simply because they are no longer partners.

We work quickly to secure optimal negotiated settlements. Our commitment to intervening early with the other party and his or her Lawyer helps prevent disputes escalating and legal costs increasing. It also enables each party to retain a high degree of control over the process and secure a tailored settlement that best suits their family.

Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers is able to achieve successful outcomes through conferencing and mediation. At times we engage specialist experts to be included in the process and employ external dispute resolution mediators to chair the mediations. These options are all discussed with you.

We have an enviable track record of ensuring your matter has the best opportunity to reach an agreed outcome without the need to go to Court.

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