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Getting Started

Taking the first step, and coming in to meet a family lawyer for the first time, is often daunting for clients. We understand that. However, in our experience, most people leave the initial consultation feeling empowered and far more relaxed as we have informed them about the law and given them some practical and sensible advice about options and solutions available to them.

In fact, the initial consultation is one of the most valuable services we provide. At that first meeting, we find out what your needs are and provide you with advice about your legal rights and provide you with various options for resolving your matter. Clients often comment about the sense of reassurance they feel after their first appointment with us. In some cases, clients do not wish to take any immediate action, but they leave that first meeting with a better understanding of how family law applies to them and what different pathways they can take to resolve issues.

Some clients that come to see us are not actually separated but are worried that they might separate as their marriage or de facto relationship might not be travelling well. In our experience, they feel much better once they receive our advice and they have a clearer understanding of the process and know where “ they will stand” if they do eventually separate.

Seeing a lawyer does not mean you will end up going to Court. We are able to assist most of our clients reach agreement with their former partner about parenting matters and property issues without going to Court.

Everyone’s situation is unique. What works for your friend or your neighbour may not necessarily work for you. The advice your friend or your neighbour received, may not apply to you. Family law is highly specialised and you need highly specialised advice tailored to your unique family circumstances.

Finding out all of the implications and options early in the process helps you make the best decisions for your family. We give practical advice and options and explain how it works in plain English. We help demystify the law, and try to make it simple for you to understand the process.

Initial Consultation Fee and What to Bring

The advice our Family Law Specialists provide to you at the initial consultation is extensive and valuable. Therefore, it is not free. However, we do offer a special rate for the first appointment.

It is not necessary for you to bring anything to the initial consultation. However, one thing you are always welcome to bring to the initial consultation is a friend or family member, if you wish.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you in your family law matter

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