Welcome to Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers​

Welcome to Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers

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Hi and welcome to our brand new website for Doolan Callaghan, family law lawyers Northern Beaches and North Shore! At Doolan Callaghan we pride ourselves in offering the best family law services on the Northern Beaches and North Shore. When it comes to family law you need someone you can trust and someone who will go above and beyond the point of call to work for your best interests. At Doolan Callaghan we offer a wide range of services with lawyers with specific expertise in your area of need. Our goal is to provide solutions that are always in the best interest of our valued customers. This includes working out alternate options to court proceedings by offering a range of family mediation services. Unfortunately life can put some difficult circumstances along the path but our experienced, friendly and passionate team are here to assist you no matter where you are up to in your incident or proceedings.

Our family law lawyers Northern Beaches and North Shore have years of experience in family law specifically. Our team have been there and done that and we can guide you every step of the way. It all starts with our initial consultation which we offer at a special discounted rate. In this meeting we can get to know each other and you can bring any necessary information so we can learn more about your case or personal circumstance. Our team has experience in family matters like divorce and de-facto relationships, child custody, parenting and child support. We also provide expertise in financial matters involving property and family violence and AVO’s.

The idea of a law firm might at first seem a bit daunting but our specialist firm takes a caring and empathetic approach. We understand the importance legal outcomes have on your way of life and the life of your family members. That’s why we place great emphasis on creating outcomes with mutual benefits for both or multiple parties. In fact we have an outstanding record of resolving most issues with no need of a courts intervention, which can be costly. Our loyal customers on the Northern Beaches and North Shore which you can see first hand on our testimonials page speak highly of our services and rely on us on a whole range of matters. Our customers often speak about our professional attitude and about reaching effective outcomes in disputes and equally as importantly having issues resolved quickly so you can move on with your life.

No matter where you are up to at Doolan Callaghan, the premier family law lawyers on the Northern Beaches and North Shore, is ready to take on your call. In fact many of our customers aren’t actually separated but come to us because they are worried about the consequences of separation and how it will effect their family. We can provide peace of mind so you know where you stand if any events arise. We hope you enjoy our brand new family law website and you are able to learn more about our services, approach and benefits our team can bring to the table. If you have any enquiries about family law please get in touch with us using our contact page.

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