What Financial Disclosure is required in Family Law Matters?

Each party to a Family Law property and financial matter has a duty to provide full and frank financial disclosure. That is, there is a need to be transparent in terms of your financial circumstances in family law property and financial matters. This ensures that any agreement reached between parties, is made with each party […]

Does a Defacto Relationship Exist

does de facto relationship exist

The number of people living in De Facto Relationships in Australia has risen quite dramatically over recent years. Whereas in nearly all cases it is easy to prove whether two people are legally married, establishing whether two people have or have not been living in a De Facto Relationship (and for how long) can sometimes […]

10 Reasons that May Allow You to Change your Child Support Assessment

A child support Assessment is calculated using a formula determined by several factors including, but not limited to, the incomes of both parents and how many nights of care each parent has with the child. We can help you by calculating the amount of child support you should receive, or will be liable to pay. […]

Determining the Best Interests for your Child

happy child on the northern beaches

When looking at future parenting arrangements following the separation of parents, it is the best interests of the child or children that is the paramount consideration. Whether parenting arrangements are being discussed or determined through mediation, negotiation, collaborative law or court proceedings, the best interests of the child or children is always the primary focus.