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christmas girl with present

Christmas 2015

Whilst Christmas time and the summer holidays is usually a time of celebration and time to spend with loved ones, unfortunately for some people it can be a time of sadness, reflection and dispute. For those people in an unhappy marriage or de facto relationship who are contemplating separation, or for those people who are separated and are unable to spend the time they wish with their children on Christmas Day and over the summer holiday period, Christmas can be a very trying time.

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For those seeking to have their family law matter dealt with by the Family Court at Sydney or the Federal Circuit Court at Sydney, there are currently huge delays.  There is simply an insufficient number of Judges to hear and properly deal with all of the matters in a timely manner.   Therefore, wherever possible, alternatives to litigation need to be sought in order to offer couples a quicker, less expensive and less stressful resolution to their family law matter.

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financial disclosure

What Financial Disclosure is required in Family Law Matters?

Each party to a Family Law property and financial matter has a duty to provide full and frank financial disclosure. That is, there is a need to be transparent in terms of your financial circumstances in family law property and financial matters. This ensures that any agreement reached between parties, is made with each party having full knowledge of the other person’s financial circumstances so they can make an informed decision.

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