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Family Court Shake-Up – A New Court System

On 1 September 2021 the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (“the new Court”) commenced, merging the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. The Commonwealth Government facilitated the introduction of the new Court with over $100 million in funding.   Why has the new Court been introduced? For many […]

Capital Gains Tax in Family Law Matters

capital gains

Capital gains tax can be costly. Therefore, it can become a very “live” issue between parties in negotiating a family law property settlement and one party wishes to retain an asset which, if sold, would be liable to Capitals Gains Tax.

Family Court Delays – What Are the Alternatives?


For those seeking to have their family law matter dealt with by the Family Court at Sydney or the Federal Circuit Court at Sydney, there are currently huge delays. There is simply an insufficient number of Judges to hear and properly deal with all of the matters in a timely manner. Therefore, wherever possible, alternatives […]

Does a Defacto Relationship Exist

does de facto relationship exist

The number of people living in De Facto Relationships in Australia has risen quite dramatically over recent years. Whereas in nearly all cases it is easy to prove whether two people are legally married, establishing whether two people have or have not been living in a De Facto Relationship (and for how long) can sometimes […]

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